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Promise Pegasus2
The Pegasus2 is the world’s first and fastest Thunderbolt™ 2 hardware RAID storage solution.

Pegasus2 offers creative enthusiasts and professionals portable RAID storage for post-production and broadcasting, such as offsite shoots, remote studios, or department workgroups

SANLink adapter
Fiber channel connectivity for Thunderbolt-enabled Macs

SANLink2 Thunderbolt™ 2-to-Fibre Channel/Ethernet bridge provides high-speed connectivity directly to a fibre channel SAN or Ethernet for 4K applications.

V-Trak E/J-class for OS X
Higher performance bandwith

VTrak E-Class RAID subsystems are qualified for use with Apple Xsan 2 and Final Cut Studio 2, features dual active/active RAID controllers with automatic Fail over/Fail back capabilities and 4Gb Fibre Channel connectivity, The PROMISE VTrak E-Class RAID subsystem delivers multiple streams of uncompressed high def video without dropped frames.

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